First off, I like to write about EVERYTHING. Hopefully you're smart enough to only read the ones that interest you. I myself like to pretty much read everything then make up my mind about it later. What I am presenting to you in this blog, is a film trailer that shows that rights for all people, including homosexuals, matter. If you got the stones to continue, hit the jump.


There's no reason why anyone should go out of their way to keep two loving adults from having a life together.  Maybe you can't handle the "icky gay bedroom stuff".  Well, I'm positive most of you do some really "icky stuff" yourself, so that doesn't matter.  Maybe it's against your religion, well, that's your religion now isn't it?  It is not your place to judge or project your beliefs onto anyone else. Most of all, what have you achieved even if you could successfully break up a relationship?  This is trailer for a movie and it's a sad, sad story.  Be a grown up and check it out.