Stryper recently threw down a set in Nashville, Tn where a fan jumped on stage and interrupted their set briefly.

This dude decides that it is a great idea to jump onstage and get on the mic adn sing a little or whatever he was doing. The problem that I have is that Stryper or their crew didn't have this dude drug out of the venue. But Stryper brings him on stage to say some kind of b.s. on how he loves Stryper. Which is fine as long as the band is cool with it.

Have we learned nothing from Dimebag Darrell's murder? Or the fact that Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God is still in jail for the fact a fan jumped on stage and was taken off stage.

Stay off the stage, it is not ok to be there unless invited by the band. Check out the video the dude jumps on stage at the 45 second mark.