So, now that the turkey is in shambles, the ham is nothing but a bone in a pan, the potatoes are gone and the dressing is drying out what will you do for the rest of the night?

If you're like me you will guilt the rest of your family into doing the dishes by saying "I cooked all day and just want to sit and watch football for a few minutes."

Trust me works like a charm... or not...

Ok, so dishes are done, football is over and you feel like you really should get up and do something to burn off some of the 223, 781 calories you've eaten today. The question is what, the gyms are closed, it's getting dark and it's a little cool.

I have the perfect idea, head out to any number of stores that will be open for the busiest shopping day of the year, also known as Black Friday.

But just what is Black Friday? Thankfully Chesca Marbles has broken it down so even us guys can understand.

Thanks Chesca!