It's been a great run for Chevelle, spanning well over a decade so far, and last night we saw why those guys have truly entered the sacred realm of rock royalty.

Pete, Sam, and Dean ripped through the Hub City and absolutely blistered the Pavilion on Tuesday night. Opening with a formidable run-through of "The Clincher" then later getting into the groove with new songs "Take Out The Gunman" and my personal favorite on the new record "An Island", the band put on one of the best Chevelle shows I've ever seen.

Of course, things were all capped off with "The Red" serving as an encore, followed up by "Comfortable Liar" and the smash hit "Face To The Floor" as the band closed the evening.

It was a badass show, and if you attended, you already know. Thanks again to Chevelle and the other bands that made the trek to the Hub City Tuesday.