Chevelle returns to the Hub on July15th.  Here's an opportunity to check out the best of the best to get pumped for the show.  Once again there's no "critic" element in this list. This is the top 5 MOST PLAYED tracks from Chevelle.

Be listening for the FMX Ticketmonster to score tickets to see Chevelle.  You can also sign up for that awesome onstage package with those Bose Headphones here.  In the meantime, why not rock out with the Top 5 Chevelle jams?  Here's the top five most played Chevelle tracks.

5. Jars

4. Face To The Floor

3. Send The Pain Below

2. The Red

1. Take Out The Gunman

Yep, though it seriously lacks views on the video (probably because it's just a lyric video), "Take Out The Gunman" is currently the most played song by Chevelle.  So what's your favorite from the band?  So many good ones didn't make the list: "I Get It", "Closure", "Hats Off To The Bull","The Clincher", "Well Enough Alone" or maybe something else?