I told you about the 70,000 Tons Of Metal tour recently but what I didn't show you is some of the best in metal throwing down some killer karaoke.

This is a gig that I have to see before I get to old to do anything else. This has to be one of the coolest experiences of these fans lives. 4 days away from the world to just hear some metal sound amazing. Check out the karaoke styles of some of our favorite vocalists.

Frank Mullen lead vocalist of the pioneer death metal band Suffocation is up first. I have known Frank for awhile now and he is such a great dude and a very powerful lead vocalist.And when he throws down he can have a party like no other.

Alexi Laiho guitarist and lead vocalist of Children Of Bodom can be seen here throwing down some Journey. Children Of Bodom will be in Lubbock on Feb. 19th for my Birthday blowout.