My favorite performance and song from Chris Cornell is "Sunshower". It appeared on the soundtrack to the movie "Great Expectations" in 1998.  I was then pumped for Euphoria Morning, hoping to find the song as a "bonus track" or something.  It was not included on the c.d. (except on the Japanese version).  Now Cornell has released a solo "Greatest Hits Live" kind of a c.d. and guess what is not included?

On the 16 songs "Songbook" collection, Cornell performs 16 tracks, about 8 of which I recognize.  Among them are Soundgarden, Audioslave and solo cuts.  In addition to "Sunshower", Cornell skips the Temple of the Dog cut "Say Hello To Heaven".  Cornell doesn't seem to have a problem playing these cuts live (as seen below) but they are not included in "Songbook".  He DOES include the Zeppelin track "Thank You" and John Lennon's "Imagine".  Here's more info on Songbook.