This is a true story, it happened this past week right here in good old Lubbock U.S.A.  A friend of mines girlfriend is a waitress at one of those large family restaurant chains ('m not going to reveal the restaurant because they don't deserve negative attention because one of their patrons is a jerk) One of the other waitress has a small tattoo, about the size of a nickel or dime behind her ear.  You really have to look close to even see it.

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This past week, the waitress with the tattoo behind her ear got one of her receipts back and on it was a note that said "I'm a Christian and I can't tip you because you have a tattoo and it's against my religion".  At this point, I'll give you a second to take that in.

Okay, let's resume. There are so many angles I'd like to cover at this point.  First off, if you use your religion as an excuse to be an asshole, you're not religious, you're just an asshole.

Now let's look at this from another standpoint. If you believe that part of the bible, it's also the part that has prohibitions against gays, weaving two different cloths together and shellfish.  Well, this particular restaurant serves a lot of shellfish (shrimp), and like everyone else this person probably has pictures in their house which are graven images and so on and so on (I could literally pick this hypocrisy apart forever...)

Let's also look at this from another viewpoint. I guaranty this person would be horrified at the prospect of Muslim Sharia law, but they're doing the same thing!  They are trying to impose their ancient Hebrew laws on other people.

I also have to draw a direct line from the recent decision to let Hobby Lobby impose it's views on it's employees. We're going from "your birth control is again my religion" to "your tattoo is against my religion".  When is it going to stop?

Our Pledge Of Allegiance used to say "one nation, indivisible".  In 1954 during the cold war the words "under God" were added to try to give us some moral superiority over the Russians.  I really think we screwed things up when we put anything in between "one nation, indivisible".  We were brought together as people of many ethnicity and faiths and we should keep in mind that we're all in this together and there is absolutely no reason to treat any one as a lesser person than you.

I know most of you reading this are tattooed.  If you aren't, your friends are. What would you have said to this so called Christian if they had left you this note instead of a tip?

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