I spent two and half years in Austin.  I just didn't care of it that much. I did have a few good times boating on the lake and jamming a bit with some Lubbock ex-patriots.  Plus Driver and I met there and seven years later I brought him him to Lubbock.  I also did really like our female general manager who was just a bit naughty.

So we had a company Christmas party.  This was the mid-80's and I was quite a bit younger, still in my 20's as a matter a fact.  What I'm telling you is there wasn't a whole bunch of maturity there.  So anyways, as with a lot of these parties I was supposed to bring a gag gift.  This is where the creative morning show guy in me came out.  My  goal was, to make everybody THINK dirty, then go...oh you dirty people, it was innocent all along.

Now you're going to have visualize this a bit, but it's easy to do.  I went out and bought a 12 inch salami (you know where this is going don't you), then I bought a cheese ball the size of my fist.  I placed the cheeseball at the base of the salami and wrapped the whole thing up in foil so it looked like yeah....a big giant dong.  I even put a few veins and whatnot in the foil.  When I was done it was a thing a beauty.  It was especially fun when she reached unknowingly into the gift bag in front of everyone and pulled out a present that looked like giant weenus and balls.

Believe it or not, I didn't get in trouble. But have fun trying this out at your next Xmas party.