I'm "in the media" at least to some degree.  Let me make this simple, those people who think that "the media" as a whole has some kind of agenda are very simple crazy.  I'm sure there are some networks and without a doubt some shows that have a political agenda.  But trust me, I've never been told to support any political agenda.  With all that in mind, it does seem like sometimes "the media" loves to focus on giant "non-issues" almost to distract you from the real problems in the world.  At issue is Christmas Trees/Holiday Trees.  More after the jump.

First off, Christmas trees are Christmas trees.  Whether you are religious or not, they are called "Christmas Trees".  The name does not change because of any religious connotation. Let me make this incredibly simple and indisputable; let's say I don't "believe in" shoes. I somehow feel better not wearing shoes, I like being closer to the earth or something. The fact that I like to walk about around barefoot does not change the fact that the things that you wear on your feet are called: SHOES!  There, done. It's a CHRISTMAS TREE.

Now lets go further.  No where in the Bible does it say anything about marking the birth of Christ.  No where does it say anything about festive trees or giving gifts or candy canes.  These are traditions that humans assigned to the day, and it makes you no more or less Christian is you don't celebrate Christmas.

The point is, this is a fight not worth fighting, but it is also ignorant of anyone to try not to offend anyone by watering the name down.  You can not make a Christmas tree representative of all religions by calling it a "Holiday Tree". If you want to not offend other religions then display their icons next to the Christmas tree. I don't have a problem with a Menorah, or a basket of Kwanza fruit next to the tree, in fact I think that would be a great symbol of tolerance having all of the together.

I would just like to suggest that everyone not let these stupid issues waste our time and energy and think about what the holiday season means to all religions: celebrating our blessings, sharing with others, and letting our friends and family know that they are loved. If you wish to add a religious component to those values, that's your choice, but even your religion doesn't call for it.

Merry Christmas,

Happy Hannukah,

Kwanza Blessings,

Scary Krumpas,

or whatever,

Wes Nessman