I was recently in Nashville TN, this last week, and was told about this sick band called Chrome Division. We met up with my boys Patrick Judge of (Demonhunter & The Showdown) and Jeremiah Scott of (The Showdown). While we were at this bar called The Red Door, Jeremiah wanted me to listen to this band called "Chrome Division." We were in a bar so I couldnt hear anything, but he told told me I dont have to listen to the song but watch the video and they sound exactly what you think they would. As I watched I was floored! Sexy women, leather, the mic hanging from a chain! And sexy women!!!

Chrome Division is exactly what Rock and Roll is all about. I am tired of seeing these so called rock bands in their designers clothes singing about whatever it is they sing about. When you watch the video for "Serial Killer" it makes want to be a singer in a rock band! Or as Chrome Division puts it "Booze, Broads and Beelzebub."