Yesterday I had to bail to Dallas and take Danielle to see her favorite band of all time, City And Colour. Now this band isn't my cup of tea but I have a little recap of the show which you can read on if you like!

City And Colour is Dallas Green formerly of Alexisonfire which was a hardcore band where he played guitar and backing vocals. He branched off and is doing his own thing which can be summed up as melodic folk music. Now this really isn't my thing when it comes to music and when I have heard City And Colour I wasn't really into what he was doing but sometimes you have to take one for the team so Danielle and I took off to Dallas to checkout the sold out show at The Granada Theater in Dallas.

The venue was really cool which used to be a theater from the 1940's which made a pretty cool place to checkout a show of this caliber. We got to the venue early enough where we waited in line for about an hour and 45 minutes before doors opened, We got a pretty gnarley place to checkout the show which was stage right about 10 foot away but the place filled up pretty fast.

Now when City and Colour took the stage at 915 he came out with a full band and was alot more bluesy than I had expected which was very good. I still didn't like when the band came off stage and it was just Dallas Green and his acoustic guitar but that is neither here nor there. The point is this, that this bro not only sounded just like he did on the albums that I have heard but he didn't use any kind of nonsense effects it was just a dude with a guitar that still had the audience in the palm of his hand. Even though I am not a fan of City And Colour I respect a dude that does his own thing without any kind of effects or anything like that.

I give my horns up up to Dallas Green of City and Colour. Checkout this track "As Much As I Ever Could" this is the closest live video I could find to stay true at what I heard last night!