I do not know the intricacies of Lubbock Power and Light, nor do I care. I only know the stories of people who are having their power shut off, their house and car payments delayed and their grocery budgets pinched.


Last night the City Council voted to stay the course with all the current increases, fees and whatever else that is causing discomfort to the citizens of Lubbock.  They say that they have to keep LP&L "solvent" first.  That, in a nutshell, is the problem.  LP&L has an advertising budget, consulting fees, an overpaid CEO and other areas where COSTS could be cut. It might not make a splash on the homeowners bills, but at least the citizens would know that the Council "meant business" when it came to controlling costs.

Also, let's look at the POOR management of LP&L quickly. Citizens could have been informed of these pending rate hikes. It could have been included in the previous bill or it could have been released to the media. Those people who were "undercharged" on previous bills (another LP&L claim) could have received an explanation.  Most of all, when people call to ask questions they could be given  timely, polite answers (I personally have not dealt with them, but I have dozens of people on my Facebook feed who claim that rudeness is ruling the day).  I'm sure the customer service people at LP&L are beat down and frustrated with their jobs right now, but sorry, that's what you signed up for when you took the job.

You guys have one choice. Throw the council out, one by one.  No exceptions. Even if someone voted in your favor, they did not get anything done.  You HAVE to throw the council out until someone gets the guts to stand up to LP&L.  I will say one thing, our Mayor has fought with LP&L since day one and continues to do so, it's these weak, awful and cowardly council people that aren't getting the job done.