Yep, the Lubbock City Council is set to pucker up and kiss the collective butts of a small special interest group tonight.  The council will vote on a ban on synthetic marijuana that is almost completely unenforceable.  Hey wait a minute, didn't we just figure out that keeping alcohol outside of city limits didn't do a damn thing except INCREASE drunk driving and crime?  Didn't those stats go DOWN when booze made it's way into the Hub?  More after the jump.


Hey, as a friend, I don't want you or your kids smoking synthetic marijuana.  But here's some facts.  All the smoke shop providers have to do is change a few chemical ingredients around and BOOM it's legal again. This ordinance is like a cat chasing it's tail and as our own mayor puts it "It's not my business what people choose to put in their bodies".  The rest of the council however are patsies and political thumb suckers and are afraid to not vote against the issue.

Here's another question for you; with Lubbock having one of the highest crime rates in the country, do you want the police focused on raiding smoke shops?  Shouldn't they be using their resources to arrest burglars, murderers or even real drug dealers?  Do we really think they should spend their time arresting Lubbock people for something that you can get right across the city line?

This is what they call "feel good legislation".  It's a waste of everybody's time and money.  A small group of parents got their panties in a wad and now we're dealing with this. If they wanted anything other than publicity for themselves they'd teach people how dangerous it is instead of grandstanding in front of our council.  I don't dispute this stuff can be dangerous, but so can nail polish, gasoline or any of a dozen things that are currently in your medicine chest.

Don't fall for this political nonsense.  This law will do nothing to curb abuse of anything. It will only create a new criminal enterprise (bootlegging it into the city).  Don't fall for the happy hype it will create.