This little tidbit from our sister station KFYO caught me eye:

Officers said 27-year-old Daniel Navarette was caught on surveillance cameras stealing more than 7,000 dollars in cash from the Civic Center, where he has been employed for several years. They say Navarette is also believed responsible for taking more than 11,000 dollars from the City Bank Coliseum.

This would obviously have to be someone handling money from live events.  I find it very odd that there wasn't a proper system of checks and balances in place to keep this from happening on what was obviously multiple occasions.  Then again, we obviously aren't being given all the details at this point.  One could infer that he was caught on tape taking the seven grand which led him to be suspected of the other thefts, but here's the question:  isn't this the first we've heard of ANY thefts?  Why we're we told there was $11k missing in the first place?  Isn't this important info?  Thoughts?  Anyone? Anyone?