Classes & Education

Why take your CHL class here? Watch our short video.

What is the shooting exam like? This video explains what is required.

IMPORTANT: September 2013: Please read this about changes to the Texas CHL requirements. .

Class schedules CLICK HERE.

We offer a range of classes to meet your needs, and we will offer these at different times during the month. We will also schedule private classes for groups, call for more information.

*** All classes are taught by certified instructors ***
***NRA instructors are available for private lessons ***

Concealed Handgun Course: For those people that do not have a CHL yet. We generally hold a class every other Saturday from 12:30PM – 5:30 PM. We will also offer classes at other times if we get a large enough group.

The cost is $150 (this includes the shooting qualification, 9mm ammunition (or a discount on other calibers equal to the cost of 9mm), and a 9mm pistol if you need one. This course will include all instruction necessary to obtain a concealed handgun license in Texas. 9mm rental guns are available free if you want to shoot one of ours. Of course you can bring your own pistol for the shooting exam. The shooting portion of the exam is also done here.

Groups of 10 persons or more who sign up together will be able to take the course for $130 each. The group fee must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.

People who put down a 50% deposit on an upcoming CHL class will receive a coupon good for one day of free shooting. This will allow them to either practice shooting before the class or come in and shoot at any time.

NOTE: State regulations regarding fingerprinting have changed. CHL students will need to contact DPS in Austin (512.424.7293 or 512.424.7294 to either: A) start the application process, pay online and get a fingerprint form OR B) contact DPS to get a fingerprint authorization form and pay later.

Concealed Handgun Renewal Course: Effective September 1, 2013, House Bill 48 eliminates the requirements for CHL holders to complete a renewal course. Therefore, we no longer hold a renewal course class. Here is more information on recent changes to the regulations. .