Lubbock, Texas (March 1, 2011) – For four consecutive Fridays starting March 11 through April 1, Lubbock residents can get a free ride on each of the two ClearTalk denim-wrapped Citibuses, compliments of ClearTalk Wireless’s “Free Ride Fridays” promotion.

“In this tough economy, we’re all looking for ways to save a little money,” said Kevin Beierschmitt, CEO of ClearTalk. “With a ClearTalk unlimited wireless plan, customers will see significant savings on their monthly wireless bill. In addition to saving with ClearTalk, we want to offer Lubbock residents another way to save with our Free Ride Fridays promotion.”

ClearTalk’s free-ride announcement is being supported by Citibus’s “Good Citizen” campaign effort, which encourages residents to ride the bus to and from work to save money, eliminate carbon dioxide emissions and reduce America’s independence on foreign oil.

According to Citibus, avoiding 150 miles of driving every week eliminates about 5,200 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year in Lubbock.

“And if for nothing else, Free Ride Fridays also lets residents use the time normally stuck behind a wheel more constructively,” said Beierschmitt. “Use the time to read a book, listen to your iPod, plan your day, talk on your new ClearTalk mobile phone or converse with other commuters that are also leaving their cars at home.”

The Free Ride Fridays promotion starts on Friday, March 11, and will run through Friday, April 1, on the two Citibuses wrapped in ClearTalk blue jeans with the “Talk More for Less” slogan (bus #9629 and #9621). Bus operators will not collect fares, and service will be free for all riders from the first ride in the morning to the last ride in the evening. For more transit information, and to find out which route each bus will be on, visit or call 806-712-2000.

Check out 102.5 KISS' "Big" talk to Gary from Clear Talk about the Free Ride promotion below.