It should come as no surprise to any of you who know me that I am a huge football fan and I love this time of year! I don't care if it's high school, college, preseason or just watching classic games on NFL Network, I just love football!

In case you have not heard the powers that be in the NFL have decided to beef up security for fans to try to speed up the lines of people being searched on the way into games by changing some of the things they will allow inside stadiums this season.

In an attempt to make the lines go faster and to hopefully cut down on places where someone can hide things, backpacks, diaper bags, and large purses are no longer allowed inside any stadium.

So what is allowed in place of a woman's purse? How about a zip-lock bag (like the ones the FFA allow) or a clear purse.

As you guys already know, a woman's purse is like her own personal, private lady cave. Not to be touched, or questioned without specific, detailed permission.

I am not a fashion expert, but even I know the idea of a clear purse is a bad fashion idea; not to mention the NFL is sure to piss off a whole lot of female football fans.