Reports have put coach Kingsbury's salary at somewhere between $1.8 and $2 million dollars.  So is he worth it?  Hells yes and that isn't even counting the teams performance on the field. This guy literally poos enchanted gold bars for Texas Tech.

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First off, don't get hung up on the "why do football coaches make more than teachers, police, blah, blah, blah argument".  That is bringing a straw man into the debate. The question is "Is this coach worth the money"?  The answer is an unqualified yes.  Coach Kingsbury has unified students, faculty, staff, alumni and the town of Lubbock. He has intrigued the nation, the media and even made some think about the traditional roles on a football field differently.

The excitement around the coach has led to a school record sell-out of season tickets and the merchandise is exploding.  Let's look at that merchandise situation too. Not only has the coach given a boost to regular Tech gear, he's come out with or at least managed or inspired additional, younger, hipper designs that also do really well.

So when someone says "is he worth the money?", have them compare "apples to apples". It not about what some other profession makes or doesn't make, it's about how much money, pride and recognition he brings to a school that badly needed it.