Coach Mike Leach is on his way back to the Hub, but it's just for another book signing.I think eventually he'll also come back to collect some kind of big settlement check.  Read more after the break.

Once again, I didn't like Mike Leach.  I thought he was an assh@le.  I did LOVE Mike Leach's style of football. I just can't get used to the slower pace of the games now.  But anyways, that's me.  Leach wanted to do a return appearance since the students weren't here when he last visited. He'll be signing copies of his book at Sam's Club at noon next Saturday.

The REAL question is, will he listen to the 2:30 game against New Mexico?  Will he distract or take fans from the game? And more importantly, will he try all the tasty samples they offer at Sams'?