Coach Mike Leach is back in Lubbock tonight ripping off the scab of the worse misstep in Texas Tech History. Read more after the break.

Former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach is in town tonight to promote his book "Swing Your Sword" at Barnes & Noble. The event happens at 7 p.m.  Due to anticipated demand the coach will just be signing the books (and not personalizing them).

Anyways, I still consider Mike Leach to be the victim of the worst (and most badly executed) railroading ever.  Now first you have to understand that I KNOW he's a pr@ck. We had dealings with him that were not nice at all.  He (or people acting on his behalf) are specifically the reason we no longer carry Texas Tech Football (even though we helped build them up to another level).   Now, even after being in the "Impeach Leach" camp, I can still say that the Leach/Tech mess was a stupid blunder on the University's part. It doesn't really matter to me if it was the Jame's family, the Regents, the President or the janitor behind it, the guy was fired on a bunch of trumped up charges.

Also, even though I didn't like Mike Leach as a person, I liked him as a coach.  Leach's brand of football was specifically engineered for a program like Tech's.  It made the best use of the types of recruits we get here.  I watched and listened to Tech football under Mike Leach.  Now I just check the score online the next day.

Anyways, what's your thoughts?  Did he get railroaded?  Did he deserve it? Do you follow the team now?