In a somewhat shocking announcement, Coach Tommy Tuberville is off to coach Cincinnati.  There are very few details at this time.  A press conference is scheduled for tonight at 6:30 to give everyone the lowdown. More after the jump.

You probably don't even notice, but when a d.j. goes missing on the air, it's usually a couple of weeks until the 'new guy' or 'new show' is brought in . It's simple, in the broadcasting industry we know that even the worst guy can be a hard act to follow.  Therefore if you put something in the interim on, the new guy doesn't have as much heat on him because it's harder for people to make comparisons.

It was a no win without wins situation for Tommy Tuberville. Coach Leach coached EXCITING football.  With exciting football people stay happy even if your overall record is a bit sub par.  If you're play a little less than exciting football and your record is still sub par, you're probably not going to be very well accepted. I don't think Coach Tuberville was given time to be accepted, but I don't think he made a great effort to be a West Texan or Red Raider either.  Anyways, we'll find out what's up tonight.

Sadly Coach Tubbs most notable moment at Texas Tech was when he pimp slapped his assistant.