It is finally happening Coal Chamber will Reunite!According to, Coal Chamber will reunite at Australia's Soundwave Festival!

Now this begs the question. How soon will it take for Coal Chamber to come to the U.S.?

Here is my take on it. First they will test the band somewhere far off (like Australia) to make sure the band can preform as a group. Then they will see how well this show will be promoted with Coal Chamber on the bill. Finally, they will look at ticket sells.

All this will equal a Coal Chamber Reunion Tour in the states. Because everyone likes money and now that Coal Chamber will be back on the map. You will see all kinds of tours and festivals begging to have Coal Chamber on their bill. Just for the sake of having them.

I am really hopeful that Coal Chamber still has what it takes. In metal world full of new comers and game changers it will be nice to see the crafty veterans back on stage!