Have you heard of Seabass & tha Fellas? If not, now you have. They’re a group formed by Hinder drummer Cody Hanson and Faktion guitarist Marshal Dutton. It’s always been obvious that these guys were super talented but to say they’re hilarious is an understatement.

In the spirit of groups like Lonely Island and Steel Panther,

Seabass N tha Fellas are a group of the most talented musicians, singers, songwriters, rappers and performers in the world…of all time. The man behind it all, Seabass, has spent every waking

minute of his entire adult life scouring the world to assemble such a group. Some say Seabass doesn’t sleep?

Their first single is “Pocket” and is currently available on iTunes. I must warn you, this song will get stuck in your head.

Check out the video for “Pocket”

You have to give props to anyone that includes The Shocker in their song.

Industry insiders rumor that Seabass & tha Fellas will record more music soon. I also heard they have challenged Mitt Romney and President Obama in a tag team celebrity death match. My money is on Seabass & the Fellas.