Who's on the cusp on bringing down big names and shaking up the entire FBS outlook? Well, we have a couple of possibilities this weekend. Let's take a look.

Honestly, this week I'm looking at this #2 Oregon - #16 Washington game up in Seattle as the major upset. Washington is a hot team right now, but can they pull off the unthinkable and rock the Championship Contenders? I think it's most certainly a possibility.

Another game to watch this weekend that has upset written all over it? #17 Florida and #10 LSU in Baton Rogue. The Gators are hungry for a huge win, and this is the serving I think they can digest. If the Gators can get pressure on Mettenberger and force some turnovers, watch out folks.

Third and possibly the best game on the bill this week, newly ranked #25 Missouri and #7 Georgia. Georgia survived a huge scare last week, as the shoulders of Aaron Murray proved reliable and strong. Can he make sure the Bulldogs don't fall asunder to the under-the-radar Tigers? 11 AM on your TV will hold the answer.

Other than those games, here's what else I'm watching:

#9 Texas A&M visiting Ole Miss, #12 Oklahoma traveling down to Dallas to face UT in the Cotton Bowl, #15 Baylor trekking up to the Little Apple to take on Kansas State, #19 Northwestern paying a visit to Wisconsin, and of course, the #20 Red Raiders hosting the Iowa State Cyclones.

Here's to football!