This is kind of random story.  It's about a random moment in time that's kind of fun. It all took place at a Stone Sour show in Wichita Falls. The RockShow was making a public appearance at the show and of course we took our own clown.  Yeah, of course we took our own clown. The RockShow without a clown is like a gunslinger without his pistol.

So, "Nubbins The Clown" is a bit more of a haunted house clown than a "funny ha-ha clown". One of the things that sets the two apart is that Nubbins uses this special tobacco teeth paint that makes all his teeth look rotted out. He is built to be off-putting.  As a matter of fact, early in the night Nubbin's was making his self known to the crowd by introducing himself with the line: "Hi, I'm Nubbins!  What kind of porn do you like?".  Even earlier, as the picture shows, we were having fun with the fact that the Baptist Missionary was in the same hotel where we had booked to party.

So Heathen and I were walking around backstage with Nubbin's at the show and we got a bit lost.  Well before you know it Corey Taylor comes walking towards.  Now Corey is actually a really small guy.  Heathen is easily 6'1 or 6'2 and I'm about 6'4 and of course, Nubbin's fits somewhere in middle.  Corey, unintimidated keeps walking towards us. Knowing backstage etiquette we made no attempt to stop him or fawn over  him, we just kept walking.  When he got about five feet in front of us, he just said "awesome" and walked on by.


Now this may not be as epic to you as it was to us. Think about it though, here's a guy who's been around the world as a part of the 9 headed bastard stepchild of rock known as Slipknot and we were actually able to make his night with this random moment.  I know that somebody somebody will ask him about random stuff that's happened to him and he's going to tell a story about how he saw two drunk guys accompanying a rotten tooth clown backstage and the guys just acted like it was "business as usual".

This isn't Nubbins sole moment of fame though; he appeared briefly on two episodes of Full Throttle this year. He has also appeared on stage at the legendary performances of the bands "Pony Wings" and "The Vadges".