This is one of those videos that pops up after you've watched the video you originally searched for. Its one of those that's randomly associated with the original video, but its freakin' weird!

Case in point, I was watching a Budweiser commercial because it was voted one of the Super Bowl's best commercials. Its the one where the crabs steal and worship a cooler full of beer. So when that one was done up pops the random videos after. Since the Budweiser spot had crabs in it, it shows me this video with real crabs in it.

At first I was just kind of bored, and I like crabs. They're delicious. Then I was curious because there were so many crabs I was in shock. They blanketed the ocean floor! Thousands of crabs just kinda walking around. They were walking on top of each other like they weren't even there. They were swaying with the current like an underwater flash mob. They were having crab sex which, by the way, looks totally awesome because they hug each other face to face then just kind of roll along the ocean bed doing sexy somersaults. A little dizzying, but still looks like fun.

Then comes the giant stingray! And while these are spider crabs, which aren't small, this stingray is ginormous! At first it just floats over the carpet of crabs, I guess picking out its victim. But when it finds one, it just sucks it up its mouth-hole shell and all! Then, in what can only be described as the ultimate underwater dick move, the stingray just whips its "wings" around utterly devastating a few dozen more crab. Like a crab bomb went off. I don't know if they were all stunned, if they were playing dead for protection, or if they were all dead, but it was complete destruction.

Watch this video and learn about our neighbors underwater!