Some people don't know what a Chiropractor really does. This commercial pretty much shows it like it is. You'll see pops and cracks and weird positions. You'll also see some hotties getting popped. Yes, there's a side bonus to this. More after the jump.

When I moved to Austin I developed severe back problems.  It got so bad for a while that I walked with a cane off and on for months.  I finally broke down and went to a chiropractor. With the lessons that chiropractor taught me and the visits I had, I not only walk pretty normally (for a big lumbering idiot), but I also know how to self treat myself when I feel my back flaring up.  The short version is, I'm a fan of chiropractic care.

So in this video you're going to see a lot of chiropractic 'moves'.  What you need to know is, they don't hurt.  With most of the moves the women remain expressionless.  I think you see a woman wince once, but in my experience it's more of a natural reaction rather than an pain.  Check it out: