As we were out running errands this weekend it was hard not to notice how many people were out putting up their Christmas lights. With West Texas weather being so unpredictable this is probably a great idea.

Like a lot of you, we too did a great deal of our Christmas decorating Thanksgiving evening, waiting however to decorate our tree until this weekend.

Now that the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care the kids are asking what we are going to do next.

My answer, watch football and eat dinner...

One of them asked if we could make homemade ornaments and Woody suggested they get online to find crafts we could all do together.

I think she knew all along they would come across this video of Jenna Marbles doing holiday crafts and totally forget what they were searching for in the first place, so we can watch football and not spend the evening gluing googly eyes on pine cones.