Evidently Craig James is hated across the country.  He certainly is despised in Lubbock for meddling in our business with Coach Mike Leach.  Well, a while back some one pranked the guy with a fake Google listing and now TCU fans are joining in on the fun.


You know how sometimes when people say "Guess what?" you immediately respond with "Chicken butt".  Well, a blog at the Dallas Observer is reporting that someone started a "thing" on message boards about former ESPN host and all around jackass Craig James.  If anyone mentions Craig James, someone will inevitably follow up with "I've heard that Craig James has never denied that he killed five hookers will he was at SMU".  Now after it making many a message board, it's a completely searchable term.

Well this weekend TCU takes on SMU and an off campus t-shirt store is selling Horned Frog Purple shirts that say "CJK5H" shirts.  They are reportedly selling VERY well.

I don't know about you, but I find this completely tasteless and I'M PISSED THAT WE DIDN'T THINK OF IT FIRST!  I totally would have bought one of these shirts!

While looking for a picture for this blog, I actually found a YouTube parody video about the rumor.