Sorry gang, science is the "systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation" (thanks  Science isn't "what you believe" it's "what you can prove or disprove".  Whether you believe in god or not, you can't prove it scientifically.  


At issue here is whether to reintroduce "creationism" into the science classroom.  I think it's just another move to try to bring religion back into schools and more money back into donation plates.  That aside, the problem is simple, religion says "god did it" while sciences says "how can we PROVE or DISPROVE how something happened or happens".  Can you imagine where we'd be right now if we accepted the answer as "god did it" to everything?  Just look at fire.  If man looked a fire and just said "god did it", he'd never understand that could build one himself, we'd just sit around and pray for it.

You are welcome to believe that the ultimate answer is god. Along the way though, there are a bazillion things that can be proven as chemical reactions or boiled down to natural processes.  When you put 'god' in the learning process about those reactions, you've put in a stopping point. You've said, 'this is how it happened and there's no sense in looking any further'.  We just can't have that if we expect science to continue to bring us breakthroughs in medicine, energy and other fields.  The scientific process should be taught in science class, religion should be taught in church and the home if you please.