This past week it was reported that the folks behind "The Color Run" are putting a sneaky $59.95 charge on peoples credit card accounts.  Having chumps like this take advantage is one thing, but sometimes we do these things to ourselves. More after the jump.


I was perusing my credit card statement the other day and saw a renewal for Maxim magazine.  Now, first off I don't even remember giving them my credit card the first time, that's how long a go that was.  The problem is, once they have your credit card number they can use it as a license to print money.  How about an example? Well, check this out.  When I went to their website to go ahead and discontinue this auto renew, not only did I find out it's nearly impossible, I found out that they renewed me through 2016!  I don't even know if I'm still going to like women in 2016.  2016 may be the year I decide to switch teams.  Seriously 2016?

These days we're all in a hurry when making these digital transactions.  It's important that you slow down just a little when buy this stuff.  You could be making a lifetime commitment without even knowing it.  You could be opting in for other stuff, simply because you didn't opt out.  There's any number of ways that supposedly legitimate businesses can try to squeeze a few more bucks out of you.  Be careful out of there!