I have to admit I have seen a lot of strange, even creepy, things at times.That's to be expected though in this line of work. Rock shows, bars, motorcycle rally's, places like that, I think we can all agree would be plain weird to not see strange stuff.

The one place I don't expect to see strange or creepy things is in a kids room or toy box.

But, a new doll has done just that, made me feel creepy... And that's hard to do...

This new doll is made to appear as though she is breast feeding from the child (trying not be sexist here and assuming boys play with dolls too) who is playing with the doll.

The doll makes sucking noises when held at, "nipple level." the "sucking" is stimulated...bad choice of words there... by sensors located in an apron the child wears.

This whole topic just makes me feel dirty, read more about the doll here and let me know, is it just me?