Ever wonder if your new neighbor is wanted for a crime? Admit it, we have all at one time or another wondered if a neighbor or co-worker is on the most wanted list.Here in Lubbock we have a section of the newspaper for local crime reports, but check this out. In Tennessee there is a newspaper without your everyday articles. Instead, it is a list of people wanted for various crimes.

Crime Times is a newspaper dedicated to one thing, and that is getting the names and pictures of people wanted for various crimes in front of their readers. There is even an online version of the paper where a curious person can check out the FBI most wanted list, Nashville Most Wanted List, people suspected of abduction and even sexual crimes.

I don't know about you but I think this should be in every town. If more people knew there were several ways their neighbors and co-workers could go to look at people wanted for crimes in their area maybe they would think twice before they hit an old lady over the head for her purse.

Here is the website for the online version, check it out you might be on the list....