I love everything about going to a baseball game, from the stadium dogs to the cold beer...all the way down to the foul balls. Well, over the weekend a father took his daughter to see the Marlins and Dodgers go at it when all of the sudden a foul ball was hit in his direction. If a ball is hit in your direction, what's your natural instinct? Catch it, right? That's exactly what this dad was trying to do, the only problem was that he wasn't wearing his glove, he was holding his daughter. What happens next is hilarious, primarily because it appeared the little girl wasn't injured.

So, the dad drops his daughter while trying to catch this foul ball. Look, we can't give the guy grief for that. I'm sure he already had his ass kicked by his wife when he got home.

Do you think you would drop your kid for a foul ball? What about a home run? What would you drop to catch a foul/home run ball?

I'm glad the kid is OK because I'm still laughing at this video.