Danny Worsnop lead singer of Asking Alexandria and Harlot called into The Wrecking Yard tonight and has a very sick message for Lubbock this Saturday at The FMX Freakfest!

I am very stoked to see all the bands at The FMX Freakfest but I do have a special place for Motionless In White and Asking Alexandria. I have known Danny for awhile now and we have become pretty good bros and I am stoked to see the level that they have reached.

Danny says in this interview that Asking Alexandria will be bringing their "A" game this Saturday at The FMX Freakfest. I know a lot of people are stoked to see Asking Alexandria and I hope everybody will come out and see this crazy show that Asking Alexandria will put on for all of us.

Asking Alexandria will take the big stage at 830pm and I promise they will not disappoint!

Checkout my interview with Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria, so get your horns up for them and we will see you Saturday!