So as I'm getting ready for an open bar Saturday Night my phones starts buzzing and I look down and see it's Danny Worsnop, lead vocalist of Asking Alexandria and he has a personal message for Lubbock, Texas.

Danny Worsnop is a great friend of Lubbock's Rock Station and always enjoys coming to Lubbock to throw down and see all of Asking Alexandria's fans!

Asking Alexandria will be in Lubbock on October 26th for The FMX Freakfest. The last time AA was in Lubbock was The FMX Big Purple Party and they blew the stage up that day. We are looking forward to seeing Asking Alexandria back in Lubbock for The FMX Freakfest.

We will be seeing Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Sevendust, All That Remains, Motionless In White and many more on October 26th.

Here is the text I got from Danny and with some editing done but this was about mid conversation and what Lubbock is to expect on October 26th.