We had Megadeth play the Civic Center a few moons back.  I was pumped for the band. I always liked them better than Metallica. They were creepier and a bit more intense.  The place was full, the lights went out, then Dave Mustaine shuffled out playing a guitar solo in a sports coat.  He then played for about 70 minutes and was about as interesting as reading a phone book.  WTF?  More after the jump.


I'm sorry, 'sports coats' do not rock.  They have a time and a place. You can look cool and classy when you go to dinner. You DO NOT wear them to a rock concert, ESPECIALLY if you're on stage (Dexter from the Offspring pissed me off for the same reason).  There is something about a rocker in a sports coat that turns your rockin' band into a Vegas lounge act.

Now comes news that Dave Mustaine used his Facebook page to rip Men's Warehouse a new one.  In fairness, Dave had bought his manager a gift card from the outlet (whatever happened to a shrimp tray, a hooker and an eightball of blow? That's what rock stars used to give out).  So anyways Dave took advantage of his 'popularity' to ream the suit makers for the card not being delivered in a timely manner.  Now, Men's wearehouse has apologized and says they've been having a problem connecting with him to make it right.

Anyways, this type of behavior is another example of the judgmental, paranoid and petulant person that Mustaine has become. He's willing to leverage his fans to grind a personal axe with a retailer.  This is something that even we in radio won't stoop to do (and trust us, we'll stoop pretty low).

I'm just glad I switched over to Metallica once Dave put on his sports coat.