Uh yeah, I'm going there. Somewhere around 1982-1983 I believe FMX recorded an album with local musicians. We then filmed videos in a local club called Abbey Road. The video "special" which aired around 11-12 at night was hosted by me in full 80's regalia! Yes, I'm pointing this out to you on purpose so that you don't make dumb fashion mistakes now that will be held against you later. More after the jump.

Oh, it's not just me suitable for roasting in this video.  Many of you know or have spent a happy hour or two with Darren Welch.  Well, Darren is featured here in full highway patrolman sunglasses performing on the Abbey Road Stage.

So, if you make it that long, you'll see me doing the open and closes and my friend Darren Welch (along with one of the best bass players EVER Richard Rico) rockin' a little 80's style.  From "FMX Shout It Out At Abbey Road", here's...okay, I already built it up too big.  Just check it out and have some fun at how we looked almost three decades ago.