I have self diagnosed "Narcissistic Personality Disorder".  From what I understand, one of the 'symptoms' is, "an obsessive need to prove you're right".  Sure, this is probably way off base in terms of a medical diagnoses, but I'll own it.

I was bullied a bit when I was a kid. When I was a teenager it got worse because then we we were subjected to daily threats, both implied and very real, by gangs.  Then the neighbor across the street taught me to lift weights. He was a very famous wrestler, but that's another story.  The weight training and resulting size gave me confidence.

Since that time I've felt it's my responsibility to step up for the little guy. I think it's more important to step up when you don't really have a vested interest.  For example, I think it's important for straight people to speak up for gay people. I think men should speak up for women. I think non-pot smokers, should speak up for pot smokers.  I also think it's important that somebody provide a point of view other than the prevailing West Texas conservative mindset.  I think for some small reason it just means a tiny bit more when you're not speaking out of self interest, but rather to protect the interest of others.

So yeah, back to the "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" I can be a little obsessive in proving I'm "right", but at least you know why I try so hard to work on behalf of the underdog.  I hope that sometime in your life you'll know the satisfaction of shutting a bully down for one of your friends. In my case, I tend to think of our listeners as our friends.  So in conclusion, whether you agree with me or not, please know that in my brain I'm trying to do right by my friends.