It looks like Councilman Victor Hernandez is here to stay after a failed recall vote.  This incredible ass-hat has dodged another bullet and it is out and out embarrassing.


Hernandez was elected illegally, its' against our charter for a person who owes the city to take public office.  He doesn't pay his own bills.  He's using legal loopholes to stay in his house which is being foreclosed on.  He was/is part of the LP&L fiasco and voted to raise your bills. He has been a constant embarrassment on the council and a bully behind closed doors.  These are things that have all been common knowledge. I could document every one of these things with multiple stories in the print and electronic media, but evidently voters in his district aren't smart enough to say "enough" so why bother?

It is somewhat of a moral victory that the vote was close. At least SOME people are starting to look at the GIANT writing on the wall.  As for the rest of you District One voters who wanted to keep this guy, good luck paying your electric bill next month.