I'm not an LP& L hater. In fact, I find most of the people who are 'haters' start the hate with something like "I was just 'x' amount late on the bill."  Guess what?  Don't pay your bill late. The world does not owe you electricity. Electricity is optional to life (not very optional, but certainly not in the same category as air or water).

So the electricity went out the other night because of a malfunctioning lightening arrestor (I'd say it malfunctioned, there was no lightening).  Evidently that triggered others and before you know it, 75% of the city was without juice and we were warned there might be a little doodie in our water.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.  Every municipality knows better than to tie everything together.

Most cities lay EVERYTHING out in grids so that malfunctions can be isolated to one area.  Anyways, all of this is still an ACCIDENT.  Maybe it was poor planning or not, but it was still an accident.  What REALLY bothers me is yesterday when the crews started working on the situation.

We were given no notice that they'd be flipping the power off and on like a six year old girl. This caused serious damage to a bunch of computers and who knows what else (Windows HATES IT when it's not allowed to boot all the way to the log in screen).  Anyways, if your stuff got messed up, you have no recourse at all...you're just screwed.

I would have a hard time believing anyone working on the power grid who said that power surges and outages were not likely.  For this reason, I just think we need a little heads up before crews go in and start flippin' switches.  Just put out a Facebook post or two or even call the media and we'll get the word out.  I have no doubt that there a bunch of hard working people trying to keep the power going through a hot summer. I just think we need a little communication from our power provider.