I've about had it with regular broadcast television, especially the local channels. They no longer have any respect for the viewers at all. 

Here's the problem. Ads and promos in the left hand corner of the screen. If I'm mentally invested in a t.v.. show, I don't want these pain in the rear distractions coming up. I "paid" for my programming by sitting through the last commercial break. When it's severe weather season it's even worse because the bottom right of your screen is covered up too. Sometimes they even run a scroll between the two causing further distractions. Now television broadcasters will tell you that they put these ads on the screen to combat dvrs (because you won't fast forward through the program). It really doesn't matter to me. They can try to get more people to see their ads, but it's going to mean less people watching over all if they don't knock it off.

It all strikes me as greed, plain and simple. They knew how much commercial time that show had included in it when they put it on air. If they can't get all the messages in that break, then they're poor businesspeople and they should move on and let the next guy try running the property.

What the advertisers need to know is, this is television spam. It's garbage advertising just like on the internet. You will NEVER get any of my business from sponsoring these "Countdowns to Kickoff" or whatever that keep appearing on screen. I won't participate in the charities that take advantage of my time like this, and I sure as heck won't watch more t.v. shows on a channel that keeps interrupting t.v. shows with these ads.