I have to frequently get ice for the work crews and workers at Nightmare On 19th Street.  I also have to hit the home improvement store.  This led to me having a favorite ice machine, and now trouble is afoot!

On 50th Street, in the same parking lot as Cici's, across from the Tech Cafe is the disco ice machine.  It's notable for two things.  Number one, it gives you dollar coins back as change (sorry, I'm the guy that loves dollar coins).  Secondly it talks to you and gives you a blast of a song when the machine is spitting out the ice.  That song is, naturally "Ice Ice Baby".  Sorry if you're hatin', but that's one of the catchiest riffs ever, whether you liked Vanilla Ice or Queen.  Because of it's intensely catchy nature, we always end up a. bustin' a move in the parking lot and b. hummin' the tune for anywhere from five minutes to five hours afterwards.

This weekend I was devastated. The machine has gone silent.  It still delivers all the ice I need, but no voice and no song. Something about it was really sad. It was like it should be a "Little Golden Book" called "The Little Ice Machine That Lost It's Song".

As far as I know, that's the only ice machine that gave you the song with the ice.  Mabe you can tell me about others you've run across so I can get my groove back.  Until then, R.I.P. Disco Ice Machine.