Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR

My plan for the evening was to watch SMU/Baylor and switch back and forth between the Nascar race and a little Sunday night college football. Unfortunately, the football game was basically decided in the first ten minutes of the game. So thankfully, I had Nascar racing from under the lights in Atlanta, Georgia, to enjoy with a few of my ice-cold tasty friends on a Labor Day weekend.

I have to admit, the first 3 hours of the race were like I had taken my sleeping pill a few hours too early. As Martin Truex Jr. was cruising to victory with a 3 second lead over Jeff Gordon; Jaime McMurray brought out the caution.

A race that had almost put me into a deep sleep had suddenly got my attention.

Denny Hamlin won the race off of pit row in front of Gordon and Truex Jr. (what else is new)and would use it to his advantage. Under a green/white/checker Hamlin held off Gordon for his second straight Cup win.

Next Saturday night, it's the last race in the Chase from Richmond, Virginia.

Oh yeah...Baylor spanked the Mustangs 59-24.