Check out the track list and other information about the upcoming album from Buckcherry right here.

The album won't be released until February 13, but the track list will be as follows:

1. Gluttony

2. Wrath

3. Nothing Left But Tears

4. The Truth

5. Greed

6. Water

7. Seven Ways To Die

8. Air

9. Sloth

10. Pride

11. Envy

12. Lust

13. Dreamin' of You

The deluxe edition released here in the United States will include a DVD of the making of the album plus a behind the scenes look at how the video for "Gluttony" with the original lyric video following that.

Buckcherry will be on tour with Kid Rock starting February 2 in Kansas City.

Remember to pick up the album "Confessions" when it hits the shelves.