We all know there was a football game yesterday, and I didn't boycott the game, or post anything on my Facebook about how I wasn't watching the game, plain and simple it just didn't interest me.

I used to watch football all the time and if I catch a Cowboy game or Mavericks game then I may watch. I am not one of those people that are to cool for any particular subject, for example have you ever asked someone if they have heard of a song or something like that and their reply is, I don't listen to that or watch that, when you know they have at least heard of it or watched it. Well I am not one of those people.

The game just plain and simple didn't interest me and if Dallas would have been playing or someone else I would have watched it.

Now of course I will tailgate or hit a party for the game and I had been invited to a pretty gnarley party and I was going, I mean who doesn't want to hang with their bros? I just didn't make it out to the hang.

So if you didn't watch football yesterday and you are like me and it just didn't interest you, what did you do?