Yes, I had some fun with the title of this blog.  It's not about the times when radio stations overlap each other.  It's about the song "Mexican Radio" and the band "Wall Of Voodoo".  More after the jump.


I saw the band "Wall Of Voodoo" open up for (I believe) Missing Persons at the Municipal Auditorium.  I was walking around the Auditorium before the show and I ran into the guys from Wall of Voodoo hanging around out back.  We talked for a while and I mentioned something about Nick Lowe (ex Rockpile) who had produced their album.  Nick was and or is also married to Rosanne Cash.  When I started talking all this insider information to us, they told me that they had all snuck off to Mexico and did acid with Johnny Cash.  Sorry, if you're straight edge, but being on acid in Mexico with Johnny Cash IS rock and roll.  So there you have it, a little fun story for you and Wall Of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" video: