Did "The Big Show" not learn a thing from seeing Hulk Hogan in a tutu in "Mr. Nanny"? This 'gem' came up for no real reason in a Google search I was doing. Yes, I think you should know I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS, IT JUST HAPPENED. I think this movie was made for kids, but even the trailer has a couple moments you might not want younger kids to see. Then again, there's a few moments that may actually be funny. More after the jump.


Paul Wight (the Big Show) is actually a hell of a nice guy.  He did a promotion with us where he played an X Box version of himself versus a listener playing another wrestler.  He was 'warming up' with my intern when he looked over and said "my character is kinda dumb".  Well, his video game character isn't half as dumb as the one he plays in this movie.  He obviously does all the 'big guy in small places' jokes that need to be done  along with the 'big scary guy is a big scaredy cat" and "big guy has big heart' moments as well.  I really wish Paul would have held out for a little better, but knowing him he made this movie for the kids and doesn't really care what anyone else thinks.  Here's the trailer for 2010's "Knucklehead".