Man this makes me feel like an old dude.  I told my grown daughter that she couldn't have her smartphone at the table.  About the only thing any of us do as a family anymore is have dinner.  I don't even care if we talk, you just have to be "present", and you're not really there if you're off having a phone or text conversation.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Let's also not forget the annoying dings, rings and various sound effects that come out of a phone.  It's just annoying.  I've went over this topic before-NOTHING IMPORTANT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!  Even if somebody died, wouldn't you want to know AFTER dinner?  If your favorite celebrity drops a sex tape, can't that wait 15 minutes?  Even if a nuclear bomb was headed right at you, there's nothing you can do, so wouldn't it be better to not even know about it?   I just really can't think of anything that can't wait the 15-20 minutes it takes to have an informal dinner.

Now Rooster brought up something kind of important. In restaurants you're usually waiting on your food, so that's a whole other discussion.  Generally when you come to the table at home, it's time to get your grub on, and that's when I say no phones.

So here's the question straight up:  Do You Allow Phones At The Dinner Table (at home)?  I'd really like to hear if you think it's rude or if I'm just being old school.